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Did Alia Copy Rihanna?


If we talk about Alya Bhatt who is in today's era on the top among hit actresses. Beyond that, it has always been alleged that she copied Deepika Padukone's career exactly. Now let's talk about styling. Same Deepika everywhere in key as soon as the choice was shown.

Now Alia Bhatt also copied the answers to the questions. Recently Alia Bhatt was in a Faubus went to the event and asked her a question and in response, she answered that's exactly like Rihanna's interview - 

"That they get bored very quickly and Need something new. But I always like what's next or next Wondering. What I Can Do Next." 

Exactly Alia Bhatt also gave the same answer, I feel like Alia was inspired by Rihanna's interview and loved by heart. However, a video went viral on the internet where Alia replied the copied the answer. many people liked Alia a lot some criticized her also. 

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