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Tabu gets a Big offer from Hollywood after 'CREW'- Tabu in DUNE.

Tabu in Dune Prophecy


Bollywood star Tabu is the official Cast for the Dune Prophecy series. Now this Dune Prophecy one has been taken. There is a Prequal series on which work has been going on since 2019. Its earlier name was Dune the Sisterhood because the movie was based on a noble named Sisterhood. Dune is based on Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson who wrote and now Changed its name to Dune Prophecy.

This story takes place in the same universe Dune universe. Two Harkens 10000 years ago by Paul Attus Sisters who are going to fight against the humankind against the forces. The fight will be fought against the profit and the series will shoot on a huge scale. Tabu will act in the role of Sister Francesca. Her role will be glamorous and gorgeous in the universe. 

I am a big fan of Tabbu and alongside Life of Pi and The Namesake it will be her third role as a character in Hollywood. her previous appearance was praised by all audiences. I liked it very much and also Tabu's personality. Now she will fit well into the Dune universe. 

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