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Bingeworthy Beginnings: How OTT Took Over Entertainment in India

From BigFlix to Binge-Watching: The Rise of OTT Platforms in India 


The way we consume entertainment in India has undergone a dramatic shift. Gone are the days of fixed television schedules and limited content choices. Today, the power lies with viewers, thanks to the phenomenal rise of Over-the-top (OTT) platforms. But how did this entertainment revolution unfold? 

Early Seeds (2008-2012): 

The story began in the late 2000s with pioneers like BigFlix (2008) and nexGTv (2010). These platforms offered a glimpse of what was to come, providing a library of movies and shows for streaming. However, affordability and limited internet penetration restricted their reach. 


The Turning Point (2013-2015): 

The arrival of established players like Hotstar (now Disney+ Hotstar) and the IPL streaming rights they secured in 2015 was a game-changer. This, coupled with improving internet infrastructure and a growing smartphone user base, fuelled the OTT boom. 

Content Reigns Supreme (2015-Present): 

With a captive audience, OTT platforms realized the power of original content. They started producing high-quality shows and movies in various languages, catering to diverse regional tastes. This focus on local narratives struck a chord with viewers, making OTT synonymous with fresh and engaging entertainment. 

Beyond Entertainment: 

The influence of OTT platforms extends beyond entertainment. They are emerging as powerful tools for education, news consumption, and even fitness routines. This multi-dimensional approach ensures OTT platforms remain an integral part of the Indian digital landscape. 


A Viewing Revolution: 

The evolution of OTT platforms in India is a story of innovation, audience empowerment, and the power of compelling content. From its humble beginnings to its current dominance, OTT has redefined how we watch, what we watch, and the freedom we have to choose.

The Future of OTT in India: 

The Indian OTT market is still young and vibrant, with immense potential for growth. As data plans become cheaper and content libraries expand further, we can expect a continued rise in subscribers. Additionally, regional language content and short-format shows are poised to be major drivers in the coming years. 


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